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Over the past few months, I’ve added some new additions to both my wardrobe and makeup arsenal that I can't stop raving about. You know I'm always shopping for something even when I shouldn't. But what's the sense of loving something that you can't share the joy of with someone else? I’m ready to spill all the tea on what I’m loving right now!

Love List #1: Luxurious Skin


Recently I’ve been on the hunt for a good hand lotion that really moisturizes your skin. Often times I find the lotion doesn’t moisturize it just coats the skin leaving an oily residue or dry feeling after application. Needless to say, much easier said than done to find one that does the job. While out & about I picked up the Rose scented hand cream from Bath & Body works. I figured it was worth taking the chance to see if it at all worked. After all, it was only a small investment.

Shockingly enough it left me pleasantly surprised. I don’t know about you but I feel like Bath & Body works and Bed, Bath & Beyond have more vanity products when it comes to skincare as opposed to products that actually yield results. However, not only did this hand cream penetrate and fully moisturize my skin better than the shea butter hand cream, but the scent was pretty refreshing! It reminded me of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

For tips on how to achieve glowing soft skin check out My Secrets to Kissable Skin journal entry alongside my daily skincare routine video tutorial, Get Clear Skin


Love List #2: Love Laced


The next thing I’m loving are these pale pink lace-up pumps I featured in my recent Valentine’s Day Closet Edit video. They are the perfect pair of heels to tie in that bit of pink for a lovestruck look this V-Day. See how I styled three trendsetting looks wearing these pumps as the ultimate sweet treat of your wardrobe. The stiletto heel seals the deal of elegance to your date night sartorial. Shop the look on my Poshmark shop.

They are nothing short of love at first sight, get them before they are gone!

Love List #3: Lovely Locks

Finally on my love list is the Adria shampoo, conditioner & mousse. I having been loving on this product line for quite some time now, just around a year to be exact. The mauve-pink packaging is what initially stole my heart in the haircare aisle, but after my first use, I was 100% in love! The product line completely revived my hair. It brought back the bounce and shine that I had longed for while simultaneously renewing the strength of each follicle. I couldn't wait to go back to the store to stock up on this. It's been a long time coming since I've found a shampoo & conditioner set that works for me. I was so impressed by my trial of these two products that I decided about a month ago to venture out and explore other products in their line. This spontaneous feeling for adventure plus a new hairstyle led me to try out the mousse....... I was instantly hooked! The hold was so natural and left my hair silky smooth with a luxurious shine without and sticky residue. Now I can't live without it.

I couldn't end this entry without sharing just a few videos on my love list:
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Leave me a comment under the video you loved the most!

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