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Tips On Keeping A Flawless Complexion While In Self Quarantine



Spending more time indoors and with my family has allowed me to take more time for self care.

And honestly, we should all be taking more time for self care during this slow down.

One area in particular that I have had extra time to focus on has been skincare. In fact, I think

my skin is more radiant now than ever before lol Here's a few

of my favorite face masks that I use to keep my skin glowing while staying at home.

OPTION 1: Mario Badescu's Healing & Soothing Mask

I love this mask for two reasons; it's creamy texture and it's overnight results! I frequently breakout on my cheeks....super annoying I know! However this mask helps to reduce redness of your blemishes literally over night. I generally use this face mask after cleansing with a gentle face wash and patting my face somewhat dry before applying. Typically I would use a toner after cleansing, but whenever I treat my skin with a mask I always skip that step. This mask works like a charm for people like myself who have a fair complexion, to make new breakouts way less noticeable. 

OPTION 2: Mario Badescu's Whitening Mask

This treatment mask is really great to use in rotation with the previous mask. Let me tell you why! The first mask

heals and soothes your skin from redness, this one erases the dark marks or acne scars left behind from previous blemishes.

 I've noticed that these dark spots that cause the appearance of an uneven complexion can be some of the most

challenging to get rid of. This is whitening mask is loaded with Kojic acid, Kaolin and honey extract which all work

together to lighten dark spots, absorb excess oil and help soften your skin like a pro. We are officially putting

a stop to not only red irritated skin, but also scarred skin all while at home.

OPTION 3: Mario Badescu's Botanical Exfoliating Scrub

I like to use as a light skin refresher in between the two previous products. I think of it as a mix between a treatment mask

and a face scrub. This light exfoliating facial treatment brings your skin to the next level by gently scrubbing away

the dead skin cells on the surface. After each use my skin is left with a glow that keeps me looking forward to

the next application. In fact, I think i'm going to use it right after finishing this post. Seriously! It's crazy how

much your skin will glows after using it. And here's the best part it also helps with preventing clogged

pores which cause breakouts! What's in it? It's packed with antioxidant-rich ginger, ginkgo, green

tea extracts, coconut, and aloe all of which leave you with softer younger looking skin!

A Few BONUS Skincare Tips:

APPLY regularly: Use any of these masks 2-3 times per week on a rotating schedule for optimum results 

LESS is more: With any of these products because they are so concentrated with all the good skin your skin loves, you don't need much. Follow the recommended guidelines for proper application

Be GENTLE: I know when your skin isn't as flawless as you would like, it's easy to get frustrated and treat your skin harshly. It's important to remember that underneath the flawed surface is beautiful glowing skin! So be gentle & take your time when treating your skin.

FAMILY time: Maybe you're super bored and doing masks alone just isn't your thing. Well, make it fun! Call your girls on facetime for a wine & mask party. Wouldn't hurt! After all social distancing doesn't have to mean zero human contact.


If you suffer from acne like me & want to know how to get it under control check out my Get Clear Skin video for a look into my complete everyday skincare routine! Comment on my insta @theunjadedjournal and let me know if you love these

products as much as I do! Before you know it, you will be coming out of quarantine better than you enter it.

Summer 2020 here we come!


Jade Alycia

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