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Ahh! Spring is less than a month away and naturally it’s time to swap out your dark daring lipsticks for a lighter natural look. Being a

makeup artist myself I must say spring and summer beauty looks are my favorite to do. The fun colors, poppy cheeks and overall playful

palettes are such captivating looks. Here’s three must have trendsetting lipstick shades for spring 2020.

Mauve is the new MOVEMENT


Not only do i personally love this color / am obsessed, but apparently so is everyone else! Lol Honestly, what is

there not to like about this color? It literally goes with everything in your wardrobe because it double as a chic neutral & it’s a girl’s

best friend. It’s flattering on all from the fairest of fair to the richest of rich skin tones. Whether you want to make a simple a statement or

blend into the scenery this color has absolutely got you covered!

Passionate pink PICKS:


This year is all about the pale pinks, the magnetic magentas and every shade in between. You really can’t go wrong

when it comes to this color, the key is finding the one that is the most flattering on you! Which can be a little tricky, but well worth

the treat once you hit the jackpot. Here’s a pointer go for a pink either one or two shades lighter or darker than your complexion.

It will be sure to POP due to the contrast.


Most people associate a bold red lip with the holidays, but us fashion goers know that’s far from this powerful little color’s potential.

So yes, it’s time to revive your makeup arsenal with a new shade of wake me up red. This bright but beautiful color will carry you from

spring and all throughout summer if worn correctly. Think of it as a gradual release ending in utter boldness. For the beginnings of spring

apply a small amount of this color on your lips and smear it around for a more soft transparent look. As the season progresses eventually

leading up to summer, gradually add more and more of this color to your lips for a more saturated effect. Ultimately once the summer

solstices hits get ready to turn up the heat & don’t hold back! That’s right go all in and wear your red full force for a picture perfect

pout too hot to touch.


Just A few bonus TIPS:

Apply CHAPSTICK: This step is often times skipped in the excitement of applying your lip color, but it’s key for long-lasting wear. If you don’t want your bad habit of not moisturizing your lips to catch up with you I strongly suggest you insert this pro tip in your daily makeup routine.

Invest in a lip exfoliating BALM: I love doing this once a month as a little pick me up especially in the winter. The skin on your lips renews itself just like anyway else on your body. Incorporate an exfoliate into your regimen is a GAME CHANGER, try it.

Don't over line your LIPS: extenuating the fullness of your lips was cute for a time, but now it’s dying down for a much more natural appearance. In this case, less is best!

Now that you’ve got the trendiest lipstick shades for spring be sure to tag @theunjadedjournal in your #prettypout selfies ! Plus

connect with me on my makeup artist Instagram for more beauty look inspo & pro tips @theglamouroustouch


Jade Alycia

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