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Over the past 2 months while everyone was so wrapped up in the holidays I was utilizing that time to collect my thoughts and realign with my vision. Hat vision you may ask, the long-term vision I have for myself and my several businesses. It’s extremely important to set a long-term vision for yourself and for your businesses as a way to hold yourself accountable and keep motivated. In doing so I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how I get ahead with scheduling so that I have more free time to focus on other things that I love like spending time with family and living my best life.

Tip 1: Get Organized

Before I start any planning I highly recommend investing in two separate planners. Make sure these handheld planners have plenty of room to write notes on a day to day basis and also have extra lined notes pages to gather your thoughts and goals in one place. One planner would be used for personal appointments, reminds, errands etc. where as the other would be used solely for all your business ideas, scheduling, plans, events etc. It’s important to keep these two separate to stay organized.

Tip 2: Goal Set

At the end of each year, I like to take a look back on my previous year’s business plan. This helps me to see what goals I set and which one I have accomplished. Furthermore, it helps me to aim my focus on what I need to work on in the coming year. This is also where I’m not afraid to dream big and I encourage you to be the same. Use your goals area especially to set out to accomplish what seems untamable. A good way to go about creating a business plan that works for you is to focus on what you want to accomplish in these areas; marketing, branding, products & profit. Find out more about what I incorporate into each of these key areas to formulate success on

Tip 3: Start Creating Content

Once you have established and laid out your business plan aka your blueprint for the year, I like to move on to the next part of planning ahead which is planning out my content schedule for the next 6 months to a year. For the Unjaded Journal I like to use the batch content creation method for both my social feed and video lineup. For me this truly is the best and easiest way for me to make headway in the blogger niche. Not only because the niche itself is so saturated, but all because people are constantly adding new content on a frequent basis. In addition it has proven to be the most effective when it comes to getting a lot done is a compacted period of time. I typically block out a whole weekend to style and shoot photos for my feed. My stories I like to shoot in the moment so for the most part they are not pre-planned content. Once I accumulate anywhere from 3 – 6 months’ worth of content that correlates with my posting schedule I then move on to photo editing. Lastly, I begin laying out all the photos on my pinboard that I set up like my Instagram feed format until I love what I see. You can watch exactly how I do this on my, Plan My Instagram Feed With Me video.

Tip 4: Visualize Your End Goal

The final thing on my checklist to plan ahead is to keep referencing the big picture. For those of you who are more visual like myself, creating a mood board is the way to go! I have one big one in my room that I use to motivate me to push for my dreams and aspirations. It’s my constant visual reminder when challenges arise or my vision gets cloud that this is what you are working towards. Because no one is a better source of motivation than yourself.


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