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My Top Pink Places To Visit



It’s no secret that pink is my favorite color. It’s also no secret that I love to travel and hope to one day be able to do it more. I mean who

doesn’t, right? This entry I wanted to take you on a little adventure to the pink places I want to visit. So pack your virtual suitcase and

fill up your imagination with all the fun activities to try. Are you ready to jet set?

First stop, New York City. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience the city that never sleeps in all its glimmer & pink passion.

Two hot spots I want to swing by is Pietro Nolita located on 174 Elizabeth Street and Cha Cha Matcha on 373 Broome Street. Both

places are equally as Instagrammable not only for their selfie worthy décor but also the pretty food. Pietro Nolita serves a variety

of Italian cuisine perfect for brunch or dinner with the girls. When I’m ready for a light snack I plan to make my way to Cha

Cha to grab an iced tea & frozen match while enjoying the tropical ambiance.

Now it’s time to grab your passport, next up is London town! I can envision myself sipping on the most exotic of herbal teas in my most

fancy Jade Alycia Inc. fascinator. All the while taking a bite out of freshly baked crumpets. London has been a long time wish on my

bucket list. Since this place has a lot more pink palaces to pick from I want to make several stops while in the city. Brasserie of Light

located on 400 Oxford Street is known for it luxury interiors ideal for the most glamorous IG post on your feed. After snapping the

perfect shot I want to visit Sketch located on 9 Conduit Street because I’ve literally seen a photo of this place everywhere

online and can’t pass up the chance to fine dine in person. The plush pink velvet seating with gold-tone hardware, chevron

pattern tiled floor, abstract art on the walls and dim lighting combine to create a Mod-like atmosphere perfect for high tea.


Last stop, 48 Park Lane EL & N – London’s most instagrammable location and I’m all for it. Known for it’s breathtaking flower walls,

illuminated wall word quotes, modern style furniture and picture perfect pink food. I can’t get enough of this place! In fact I wouldn’t even

know where to start taking photos. Lol Should I go straight for the flower wall? Or another decorated nook? So many options and

lots of time for a mini photoshoot. My most favorite thing about this chic cafe is that every so often then swap out the decorations so it

always keeps you coming back for more pretty pink pastries and new installs that are prettier on your feed.

Moving on to the city of love, Paris! What’s not to absolutely love about this place? I visited once and put it right back on my bucket list to go a second time. My first visit was very tourist-like and this time around I want to venture out more. So let’s head to La Creperie pink cafe for a bite to

eat and then make our way to the pink marble palace at Versailles. If you've never been to Versailles it's an absolute must. There's truly

nothing like the grounds of this massive estate. Read up on my previous Paris journal post for all the details. 


After stopping by the beautiful pink palace aka my dream home lol I want to end my stay at La Masion Rose. One thing I find so 

shocking are the petit portions/servings at any eatery in Paris. It's so cute and little even the beverages. The cozy pink café 

is the perfect place to wrap my stay while getting one last taste of french delicacy.

Finally stop on this is adventure is Australia. Why? Because who doesn’t love warm weather. Though I may not be able

to lay out by Lake Hillier that's not going to stop me from visiting it and laying out o the beach later!

How could I not? Literally, who has ever seen a naturally pink lake before? Definitely not me.

It's time to explore this final pink destination and come back to reality.

Now that you've virtually traveled with me around the world I want you to share your real life photos!

If any of you have visited these places be sure to tag me @theunjadedjournal on insta

so I can see your instagrammable vacay! And for more pink places inspo

check out my Pink Places board on Pinterest. Xx


Jade Alycia

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