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Bonjour, Paris!



This was my first time being on a air plane, and out of the country. Arriving at the airport in Paris, I was eager to explore. As I picked up my luggage I was pretty exhausted from the 6 hour evening flight, but there was no time to rest because I had a full day ahead of me. It was Paris Couture Fashion Week, and the first thing on the list was a bus tour of the city where I visited the legendary La Tour Eiffel, and I would return to this site twice more during my stay. Initially approaching the tower I was totally in awe; marveling at the intricacy of it's architecture, it felt so surreal that I was standing in front this iconic landmark. However that visit was just a sneak peek of my third, and final visit where I would go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and look out at the city lights.

My first evening in Paris I was itching to find the department stores so off I went to shop till I dropped. One of the famous ones in Paris where designer goods are sold and fashion followers frequent, The Galaries Lafayette is where I ended up.

The following morning I paid visits to only the best locations for trendy fashions. A sloe of shopping havens like flee markets, boutiques, concept stores, arcades, chain stores, and designer showrooms were all that was on my agenda. Yearning to browse more of the latest spring fashions I made my way to the "Golden Triangle" also called Montaigne Market, which encompasses the famous Champs Èlysees promenade. An avenue dedicated to thriving couture and ready-to-wear designers.

Making my way up to the Elie Saab showroom doors, up the stairs, and into the curated palace I was in search of a limited edition perfume set only released in two locations, Labanon & Paris. Discovering the "precious gems" wasn't as hard as I had imagined. Seems I quite easily found a diamond in the rough. Strolling along the Champs Elysees I ran into one of Louis Vuitton's five level circular showrooms, pretty much the crown jewel of Louis stores. The eye catching window displays is where the shopping adventure began with wall to wall merchandise on all interior floors. It's essentially a fashionistas wonderland in there!

In light of Fashion Week I wanted to see fresh looks from off the runway so traveling to the lifestyle store Colette was a must. The bright lighting, upbeat techno music, and the “hang out spot” atmosphere captivated me upon entering the store. Every display was an ensemble not only for your everyday consumer but also for fashion icons like Kim and Kanye West. Running into them during this visit was a pleasant surprise. I guess you never know who you'll meet in these fashion forward streets.

Curious to see if I would be able to top the first 2 days of my stay. I decided to change up the schedule a bit. With a breathtaking waterfall at it's entrance, this seven floor architectural piece of artwork, The Louis Vuitton Foundation is where I found myself. I was excited to make my way inside to discover what exactly was in there. I had this preconceived hope that there would be wall to wall archived Louis Vuitton bags. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In fact it was nothing even close to a handbag, it was actually filled with artwork. The rooftop terraces were the highlight of galleries for me with a 360 view of the Paris skyline.

Following my museum kick I traveled to Musée de Lourve where a glass pyramid sits in the center courtyard containing a spiral staircase entrance. Most tourists come here to get their selfie with the Mona Lisa and you bet I was getting mine. It took some time and skill, but I pushed my way to the front to get the perfect selfie, cheese!

Next on the list was Versailles. Walking through the palace doors I knew the general history, but I didn’t know what to expect. I had overheard people discussing how beautiful the palace was, but I had to see it for myself. Going from room to room the godey décor drew me in; marble walls, the finest silks, gold leaf plated doors, and hand painted memorials on the ceilings, I just couldn't get enough. I saw Versailles as a gold mine of creative inspiration as I envisioned a fashion show in the Hallway of Mirrors.

Peering through the palace windows were fountains, pools, and forest stretching as far as the eyes could see. Taking a small train ride from the gorgeous gardens to Marie Antionette’s mini palace, Le Petit Triaon I was excited to see what was next. Passing through the massive fields of grazing animals on cobble stone roads, it was mind blowing to see how massive the property was. Marie's small palace wasn't as impressive as the main attraction, but it was equally as lavish.

During my final days in Paris I wanted to close out the trip the same way I started it. But first I wanted to revisited the beautiful Notre Dame church to place a lock on the infamous love lock bridges in Paris. Signing the lock I felt as if this trip was the beginning of a new chapter for me. When I locked the lock to the bridge, and tossed the keys into the river it symbolized the old passing, and new coming. Little did I know that it would be the precursor to the creation of several business ventures I would embark upon; Jade Alycia Inc., The Glamourous Touch & The Unjaded Journal.


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