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Pampering Poolside Picks



Right about now staycation is my middle name. despite the public pools not being open this year I'm still determined to enjoy my first summer off in YEARS! Besides, that's what beaches and private pools are for. If you're like me you are adamant about getting a good suntan during the summer. Stay tuned because I've got some pampering poolside picks that I can't wait to share with you.

1. A Healthy Yet Refreshing Fruit Drink

Let's make a toast to summer 2020. I've been waiting all year for it and it's been one crazy time making to this point. Something I've always get excited about is fancy food and beverages. Recently I started a Pinterest board solely dedicated to fancy drinks. Since quarantine, I've had time to get inspired by dishes that I have either made or would like to make. Anyone that knows me knows that when I go out to eat or cook up a delicious meal, I can't help but want to capture the beauty of the presentation. Yes, I'm that girl that whips out the camera for a quick foodie photoshoot. For my best fruit smoothie recipes How To Make Quick & Easy Fruit Smoothies In 5 Minutes! video.

2. All Natural Skin Products

Lather up in lightweight coconut oil for a luxury suntan experience. Unlike shea butter, this organic body oil absorbs in your skin leaving it moisturized with a silky satin finish. What are the benefits of using coconut oil? It reduces inflammation, locks in moisture and heals wounds! & For more skincare tips read my Summer Hydration Session & Stay At Home Skincare journal entries. 

3. Snack Time!

When I'm laying out at the pool healthy bite-sized snacks are first on the packing list. My favorite foods to munch on are fresh fruits, chips (preferably nacho cheese Doritos) and a homemade cold cut sandwich. My mom is known for making this amazing summer topping for sandwiches that I like to call "Top Secret." I have absolutely no idea how she makes it, but everyone who tries it gets hooked!

Now it's your turn! What are some of your pampering poolside picks? Send me a message or tag me in your Instagram post. I would love to see what you all are up to this summer. You can find me at @theunjadedjournal . For more adventure-based posts read My Dream Vacay Spots and My Top Pink Places To Visit next!


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