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How To: 5 Easy Steps For A Quick Natural Everyday Makeup



Step One: Cleanse & Moisturize!

Cleaning and especially moisturizing the skin before applying any make up is extremely important. If the skin is oily or dehydrated the make up will not look natural on the skin, and will not apply correctly. There are four different skin types; oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. Once you are able to identify your skin type it is much easier to learn how to care for your skin.

Step Two: Conceal & Correct

Time to conceal any darkness underneath the eye while simultaneously brightening up the eye area. Concealers are made to conceal the darkness or discoloration underneath or around the eye area. Concealers typically come in shades of pink for lighter skin tones, peach for richer skin tone, and blue, yellow or green to neutralize discoloration. Corrects are made to color correct the color of the concealer to match the natural skin color of the person. To set the concealer and corrector after application simply use a sheer setting powder.

Step Three: Cover Blemishes!

For individuals with less textured skin like myself I typically like to start off with using a tinted moisturizer. This type of moisturizer is extremely light in coverage and is only used to lay a foundation for the rest of the make up. I follow up the tinted moisturizer with the foundation stick as pictured to your left as a way to give full coverage only in the spots that I need it. To much use of the foundation stick tends to make the application look a bit "cakey." Next I use BB or CC cream to further color correct the dark, and light areas of my face which are usually my forehead, and chin/ mouth area. Once everything is well blended your ready for the next step!

Step Four: Brows & Eyes

Now a days everyone loves a "bold brow," but a natural looking brow is always in. There are many ways you can fill in eyebrows. I like to use a simple and quick technique. I simply take a really dark brown cream or powder eye shadow that matches my hair color, and use the eye brow brush as if it were a paint brush to fill in and shape my brows. A great visual of this can be seen in the photograph to your right. A quick tip to not over draw your brows is to brush down the brow hair first and fill in the top part of your brow. Then brush the brow hair back up, and fill in the rest where needed.

For a natural look on the eyes nudes, and neutrals are your best friends. There are so many great nude eye shadow palettes out there with matte or shimmer finishes. Select the eye shadow or shadows that most appeal to you and finish off the look with a bold liner and mascara.

Step Five: Blush & Lip

Depending on your hair color you want to coordinate your blush and lip color with that. My go to blush color is a bright pink to serve as a "pop" color on the cheeks. Make sure to focus the brush on the apple of the cheeks. Smile if you have to to get the placement correct. Incorrect blush placement can bring down the face.

A nude color lip is always perfect for a natural look. The trick is finding the perfect nude shade for your skin tone. As a guide to finding that perfect color look for a color that resembles your natural lip color, that's your perfect nude.

Products Used:

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Facial Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown Concealer/ Peach

Bobbi Brown Corrector/ Natural

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer/ Light to Medium

Bobbi Brown CC Cream/ Medium

Bobbi Brown BB Cream/ Medium

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick/ Warm Natural

Bobbi Brown Eye Lid Base/ Peach

Bobbi Brown Eye Liner/ Chocolate Shimmer

Bobbi Brown Lip Stick/ Bikini Pink

Bobbi Brown Blush/ Pink

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow/ Caviar


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