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My Pillow Obsession



Anytime I step into a home decor store I can't help but to marvel over all the aesthetic pleasing pieces! My all-time favorite section is the pillow aisle. Why? One, because I like my bed to have lots of pillows and two, after I redecorated my room a few years ago

I kinda never got out of the makeover mindset. lol So I want to share a few of the pillow styles I'm obsessed with so

that you can be inspired to decorate your home!

Add a  LITTLE texture!

When I'm in the mood for some fun pillows to add to my home I go straight for the ones that add style & texture to my overall design. 

Ideally, this would be fur, sequin or beaded accent pillows. These are all great options that can incorporate your personal

style into your interiors. The one I've been wanting to purchase for the longest is the reversible sequin throw pillow!

I love that it has two sides, giving you the choice to be colorful or classy with your decorating.

The only problem is I don't have anywhere to put it so the wait continues. lol

Colorblock with SOLIDS!


Next up, I go for the solid color pillows. In order for me to have an alluring pillow arrangement, I like to have variety of textures, colors and prints.

I would recommend picking from the same color palette when choosing pillows so that they don't become a distract from the rest

of your design. However, Bold and muted tones are my most loved to choose from when shopping for the right pillows

because together the contrast adds a beautiful visual attraction in your room!


These pillows are always the most entertaining and expressive way to capture your design style with actual words or graphics.

I tend to use these more "pretty" pillows as accents on my bed or in my reading nook area. I'm talking about the

pillows with sassy sayings written on them or fashion illustrations printed on them aka the ones that ooze your 

personality as soon as you step into the room. These are ones I'm most obsessed with because they 

are so plush yet playful and they best describe my interior design style.

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