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My Dream Vacation Spots



I don't know about you, but I sure am ready for a getaway. I'm looking forward to sinking my feet into the sand while listening to the

waves crash upon the shore with no care in the world, except my tan lines. lol So buckle up because I'm about to

pack you up in my suitcase and we are going to jetset to three of my dream vacation spots!

My first stop, the Bahamas! Crystal clear waters and friendly wildlife are the two things that drew me to this destination.

Not to mention the water bungalo's are a paradise dream home. When vacationing here you can't skip a trip to

Pig Island, where wild pigs native to the land run free. Such a tourist attraction I know, but it's a once and a lifetime

opportunity to come face to face with a wild animal and a take selfie.

Next stop, Greece! The cuisine is amazing and the sites are breathtaking. Who doesn't want to visit?

Vacationing in this location is less about the shopping experience and more about

exploring the city for me. I've seen countless photos of the oceanview at sunset and I want to see it first 

hand while totally relaxing and taking in everything around me.

My third and final dream getaway place is Milan, Italy. I would love to go here just to see the fashions and the

breathtaking landmarks. I'm totally looking forward to one day crossing this city off my bucket list among other

fashion capitals. Since first visiting Paris in 2016, I've been eager to embark on another adventure in Europe.

While there I would shop for some amazing one of a kind leather goods, and of course a great pair of

denim, both of which Italy is known for.

Now that you've virtually visited three of my drem vacations spots, comment on my last post on my

Instagram page what some of your dream vacation destinations are. Find me @theunjadedjournal


Jade Alycia

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