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Lockdown Looks You'll LoveTo Lounge In

Pieces You Can Wear Over & Over Again!



It seems like lately all the luxury travel to exotic locations has been postponed, but that doesn't put the brakes on a staycation! Our loungewear has now become our wardrobe heroes / staples. The new normal has become working from home in your bunny slippers & going all out for the occasional virtual zoom meeting or Facetime chat. Things have completely changed. However, if and when you miss getting all dressed up here's three styles you can choose to stay up or snooze in! After all, having one less load of laundry to wash is always a dream come true. lol

Legging LOVE

What I love about this stretch-tastic pair of pants that just keeps on giving is that they are made from the most comfortable fabric that has ever touch my skin, and second they go with EVERYTHING! With a few all-black pairs in your closet, you're pretty much unstoppable. Having the freedom of choice to reach for a blazer and printed blouse or opt for a plain cotton-jersey tee will change the way you dress. It is part of the absolute wonder of owning a drawer full of these like I do. lol I know I'm probably preaching to the quire here, but its totally worth raving about. 

Can't top my TANK!


What I like about wearing a tank top is having the option to then layer a hooded sweatshirt or cardigan over for top for those chiller air-conditioned spaces. For a more laid back look, I like to wear them underneath sundresses with low-cut necklines for a little extra coverage. Now's time for the debate of the skinny versus thick strap. Most enjoy the thicker strapped tanks because they provide greater support for the bust area. However, I can't help but still enjoy the somewhat guilty pleasure of the dainty appearance of the legendary spaghetti strap! Truly the decision is up to you. I would say if you haven't tried the ribbed stretch-knit fabric over the cotton-jersey ones that is an absolute must!

SNAG a pair of sneakers!

Whether you're a fan of the chunky fashion sneaker or sleek athletic runner we can both agree that comfort is the number one priority. Perfect for running errands or taking walks during quarantine sneakers are an absolute gift! You can style them for a cute yet casual outing with a pair of denim or style them for a good body burn wearing matching athleisure. I'm definitely one for wearing head to toe athleisure and not ever stepping foot in a gym. lol It's more about the style statement for rather than the practicality of the attire. So what's your favorite pair of rubber soles look like? Are they all laced up, slip-on, made of mesh, neon, all-black, high-top or low-top? My all-star pair are neon chartreuse mesh laces ups with a foam sole. I often wear them with like colors and elevated basics to match my trendy track record.

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