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My Secrets To KissableSkin



I’m spreading the love this journal entry by sharing my secrets on how to achieve kissable skin.
Are you ready for a glowing, gorgeous, irresistible complexion? Open up the notes section on your cellphone because you are going to want to jot down these self-love secrets.

Let’s talk SKINCARE!
It’s essential to have a daily morning and nighttime routine to keep your skin soft, glowing and kissable. I like to use a few different products on a rotating basis depending on what my skin is thirsting for. If I’m having a lot of breakouts, I go for a facial cleanser that will deep clean my pores followed by a toner that removes any dirt or dead skin from the skin’s surface. If I’m battling redness or lingering acne scars, I coat my skin with a face mask 2 – 3 times throughout the week after a nightly cleansing session for optimum overnight results. When my skin is feeling or looking a bit dull, I reach for a facial scrub to use in the morning or at night in place of my daily cleanser as a little pick-me-up. But, if my skin is feeling dry there’s nothing better than tying in all encompassing moisturizer. I use mine as a way to seal in all the moisturize in my skin after cleansing and toning to lock in my kissable glow. For the best results I recommend combining this tid-bit with my next two tips.
You can find out more about the products I use & love in my tell all, Get Clear Skin video.

I know this may sound cliché, but let me say it makes a WORLD of difference.
At the tail end of last year, I did some research on what foods are best in preventing acne. My goal was to completely clear my skin and banish my acne scars. I took the first steps by going food shopping and switching to an even more healthy diet by only eating the foods I had written down. Would you believe after a week to two weeks I noticed a difference in my skin?!? Now, this is not to say that the change happened overnight, but I noticed a huge decrease in new blemishes and my acne scars were fading. If I did get a blemish it was few and far between with minimal pain associated. Coming from a history of dealing with chronic acne for years and tirelessly visiting specialists resulting in little to no change left me feeling like clear skin just wasn’t possible for me. Who knew this whole time it was all in my control?! You truly are what you eat.

Drinking lots of water and very low sugar beverages is the best method to achieving and maintaining a soft, glowing complexion. Personally I set a daily water goal for myself. I like to include cups of homemade tea, pomegranate juice and cold-pressed drinks into this daily intake goal as well. I absolutely love herbal teas and drink them continuously throughout my day so for me it only made sense to factor it in. Personalize your own daily goal to best fit your lifestyle.

Just A few added TIPS:
Less is MORE: I try to not overdo it with products. My skin is very sensitive and reacts best when I don’t do too much to it. I recommend using everything in moderation to cause minimal irritation.
Patience is KEY: Try to not set super high expectations immediately. Your body needs time to adjust to these new habits before the results surface. I saw a difference sooner rather than later, but for some, it may take a month before truly seeing a change. Don’t give up!
Full Body METHOD: The highlight of my secrets to kissable skin is that you can apply all of these to the skin all over your body. Don’t feel the need to just limit these tips to just your face.
Now it’s your turn to get glowing!

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Jade Alycia

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