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It's that time of year when Jade Alycia Inc. debuts it's spring /summer collection and this time around its no different. Similarly to previous bridal collections this one is inspired by Holy Scripture. The rainbow collection celebrates the story of Noah's ark from the Bible, where after the entire earth was flooded, God sent out a sign in the form of a rainbow as a promise to never completely flood the earth again. Thus the name God's Promise was selected as the collection name for the 2021accessory line which depicts this promise as fashion.

When most people think of a rainbow they think about the beauty if it and something we are even blessed enough to catch a double

rainbow descending from the heavens. I wanted to capture this moment of incredible awe in a handmade collection. Sometimes the

production process can be a bit of a tricky one because like any artist you tend to hit a "writer's block" if you will in designing. For

me this collection came with such ease, so much so that I actually began curating sustainable materials to create with over

a month prior to ever deciding on a launch date.

I didn't want to re-invent the rainbow, but rather capture it and the most glamorous yet true to my style as possible. For one, I can 

never turn down the opportunity to add sparkle with crystal or fun with sequins. Also, keeping in mind that this is a spring/summer collection

I wanted to keep the colors bright and playful. Once I had this direction in mind I set to making the first piece of the line which was 

the Double Rainbow clutch (pictured to the far left). This first piece laid the groundwork and inspiration for the rest of the collection.

I want to take a brief moment to shine some light on my handmade fascinators from this collection. I can't choose whether I like them more than the handbags, but honestly I don't have to because each piece is incredible special and one I would wear myself. Worn 

stand alone from the matching handbag they are absolutely beautiful couture pieces, however I can't seem to wear one without the other.

The Two-Faced Rainbow fascinator (pictured above) I would say is one of the most playful pieces because you can actually flip the

sequin to the opposite side revealing a silver metallic color. This particular fascinator gives you a lot of diversity with the mermaid-effect

rainbow sequin. In total this collection consists of 5 rainbow fascinators and 4 interchangeable handbags.

Each collection is created from 100% recycled, refurbished and repurposed materials. Our mission is to help cut down on

the fashion industry waste by turning trash into treasure. Shop one-of-a-kind handbags, fascinators & more

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