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Statement  Hairpins

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Easy Ways To Accessorize Your Favorite Looks

3 Key Pieces To A

Versatile Wardrobe



Second to clothing, accessories are my next biggest love in fashion. Hence the launching of my handbag & fashion accessories brand,

Jade Alycia Inc. As the weather warms up it’s time to break out the best ways to “say it.” One of my personal favorites has been

the decorative hairpin / clip trend. Pinned up or pinned down, let’s dive into a few

that have been making a statement.

Now that everything in life is starting to reopen I'm running straight for the cutest outfit in my closet. Who's with me?! Right now is the perfect time to show off all you got during quarantine and take back your unique sense of style. Speaking of style, I want to share with you easy ways to accessorize your favorite look so that you can keep on shining! 


Shoe Closet Favs

This year we are entering into the month of May with chiller temps which call for (fingers crossed!) warmer styles. Typically the spring weather is not my favorite to dress for because you never know what exactly to wear. Since it can be so frustrating I wanted to help you out with several must-have pieces I wear on rotation for a versatile wardrobe. Here we go!

Clutch Your Pearls!

Next up are these Eugina Kim hats and let me just say I am by no means a hat person. In fact I very rarely wear a hat, but the faux pearls and colorways got me 100%. Not only are these wool hats super cute on, but they also do a great job of keeping my head warm on those chilly spring morning on my way to the office. They are absolutely a perfect mix of chic and practical!

Aside from handbags, I would say shoes are my next favorite accessory. I can easily say I have well over 50 pairs, because I like my options.

However, I can't say that I favor a particular silhouette as I am a bit all over the place when it comes to shoes. But, depending on

my mood I'll go for a confident high heel or comfy kitten heel, either way I'm always stepping out in style. This entry

I want to give you a tour and share some of my shoe closet favs.

Shades can be a fun way to accessorize any look, especially with warmer weather on the horizon. However, i'm not talking about just any pair of sunglasses, I'm referring to the trendsetting eyewear. I'm sure you have seen it, the various statement lenses that every fashion influencer is wearing in their latest streetstyle photo on instagram. It's time to get you prepped and ready for the summer sun with a few pairs of my favorite trending sunnies.


Trendy Summer 


SUMMER is hands down my favorite season. I've been waiting all year to switch up my wardrobe for the hotter temps! Of course, I have to fill you in on the latest must-haves trends for summer so that you can be equally as prepared to show off. This one is short, sweet and to the style star... let's go! 

Lockdown Looks You'll Love To Lounge In


It seems like lately all the luxury travel to exotic locations has been postponed, but that doesn't put the brakes on a staycation! Our loungewear has now become our wardrobe heroes / staples. The new normal has become working from home in your bunny slippers & going all out for the occasional virtual zoom meeting or Facetime chat. Things have completely changed. However, if and when you miss getting all dressed up here's three styles you can choose to stay up or snooze in! After all, having one less load of laundry to wash is always a dream come true. lol

My Mauve-lous Collection

Special Delivery!


Every once in a while... or pretty often, I like to treat myself to the finer things in life. -- designer fashions. It just so happens that this purchase I made about a month ago was a first for me! I know it's hard to believe being that i'm always on a shopping spree or splurging spree of some sorts, but it was the first time I ever bought something from this luxury label. Not to mention Net-A-Porter has the best packaging which also helped to lure me in to this not much needed, but well deserved purchase.


From chenille sweaters to cotton-jersey tees, you name it i've got it in mauve! Some say the color should be renamed Jade because I wear it so What can I say? Lately I've been on a spring cleaning kick and I wanted to give a personal tour of my spring wardrobe including a few of my favorite accessories and must have pieces. So if you agree that everything looks prettier in pink than you just hit the mother load!