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Easy Ways To Accessorize Your Favorite Looks



Now that everything in life is starting to reopen I'm running straight for the cutest outfit in my closet. Who's with me?! Right now is the perfect time to show off all you got during quarantine and take back your unique sense of style. Speaking of style, I want to share with you easy ways to accessorize your favorite look so that you can keep on shining! 


Jewelry, earrings especially is an effortless way to add glitz & glamour to your ensemble. Currently, my most awed over pair that I own are the ones that I handmade myself. After designing my biggest summer collection of accessories for Jade Alycia Inc. debuting nine pairs of fruit-inspired pieces to be exact. I just had to make the tenth pair that would resemble cantaloupe for myself. I simply couldn't resist! And when I put them on for the very first time after making them, my face light up. I loved them! What's even better is that they are one of a kind so I never have to worry about seeing someone else wearing the earrings I on. When I want to wear a more classic silhouette I reach for my black glitter hoops (pictured above in the intro) to add a sparkling finished touch.


I'm not the type to were hats that often, but when I do I commit to the accessory. I'm talking oversized floppy hat, crystal-embellished suntan, leopard print fedora you get the picture. lol It's the perfect personality piece for a bad hair day, day at the beach or an outfit of the day post. Straw sunhats are TRENDING for the summer and I'm all about this rainbow one! What do you think?


All I'm going to say is... secure your style. Belts can be functionally or non-functionally. For our sake since we are fashionistas here and we care more about look than function let's go with the benefits of the non-functional style belts. These would be the boho-chic beaded waist belts or the fun-shaped mod metal belts. You can easily use these to add a playful detail to that printed cotton sundress or even a beach-ready pair of palazzo pants. Now, let's air on the side of functionality. Your classic black and brown leather belts that never let you down are equally as cherished in my closet. Accessorizing your look couldn't get any easier than this. 

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