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Having a workspace that I feel inspired by is a crucial part to being productive. In order for me to want to get up in the morning and start crossing things off of my task list, I have to have some type of motivation. For me that's not only seeing the success of my businesses, but also having a  home office. If you too have the luxury of being able to work from home take advantage of these key ways to decorate your desk & to get motivated again.

By far my most favorite functional decor piece on my desk is my hourglass. It helps me to keep track of how much time I am spending on each task to keep me laser focused throughout the day. Not to mention the sand on the inside matching my mauve office space perfectly so I simply couldn't pass this up. Funny story is that my mom had gotten an hourglass to match the living room decor and I would always love playing with it. So when I spotted this jumbo size one at Burlington there was no onther option, but to buy it!

Next up for desk decorating is my pen & pencil holder. I know this may sound like a very minor decoration, but it does make all the world of difference believe it or not. I used to have a small metal  pencil hold on my desk that would constantly fall over because I held a lot of stuff in it. So on one of my trips to Walmart while in the wax candle aisle I decided to pick up this butterfly candle holder and use it asmy new pencil holder. It matched my wax candle burner currently on my desk so I thought it was would serve as a beautiful yet fitting addition. Don't you think?

Lastly, I always have to have a box of tissues on my desk. Partially for the look of it all, but also because accidents happens and I always like to be prepared. When I went to supermarket recently I fell in love with this marble print tissue box by Willow because it fits so perfectly with my decor and it's a large size. I ended up picking up another box by them as well in a different print, but I decided to grab two of this print because I loved it so much! Recently I've been brainstorming ways I would reuse this box since this print is very popular. Maybe a Insta story DIY project?


All in all my desk to me is home. I get so many items checked off my list here and I spend hours upon hours seated here making edits to my websites, or drafting up new social posts. I hope this journal entry helped motivate you to decor your desk or home office in a way that inspires you! Shop my decor below.


Jade Alycia

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