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Weekday Date Night Tips



Typically, I like to reserve any sort of date night as an weekend outing, but sometimes my weekends can be more booked than my weekdays. So on the off chance that I decide to go out during the week I have a short amount of time after work to get ready. That being said i'm going to let you in on four quick ways to freshen up for a weekday outing that may make you change your mind about booking up your weekends.

The first thing I like to do for any date is to freshen up my makeup. More often than not by the end of the day my skin can get a bit oily. I like to reach for a killer combination that combats unwanted shine, rose water + blotting tissue. I love using blotting tissue because it helps to absorb the oil from your skin without completely ruining your makeup. I follow up with a few sprays of the rose water face mist to help refresh my skin so it isn't completely matte after blotting, but maintains a healthy glow. Lastly, I like to add one extra coat of mascara and reapply a playful lipstick to finish off my game face.

The second thing I like to do when getting ready for a date is switch up jewelry to suit the occasion. Every once in a while I do like to swap out my everyday pieces to have a chance to wear other jewelry that I normally don't get the chance to. I opt to switch out my stud earrings for a pair more stunning, stack on another ring on top of my sterling silver staple & put on a delicate necklace that coordinates with my look. I'm never afraid to mix metals. but I do believe it has to be done tastefully.

Next I prefer changing out of my casual work shoes into a pair of pumps that highlight my sense of style. For me most of the time that means a neutral color heel being that the majority of my wardrobe is mauve. lol But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I recommend choosing the pair you feel most comfortable and confident in.

Last but not least, It's always most important to have a sweet scent. I like spraying a light perfume that isn't too overpowering which can be tricky. A good way to avoid over doing it is to limit yourself to three sprays. Wearing perfumes out on a date can be tricky because not everyone appeals to the same smell. I would say go for the one that you get the most compliments on that way you can't go wrong.


I hope you enjoyed this date night checklist and reading my quick tips on how to get ready. I hope they will help you reconsider being a little more selfish with your weekends and more open with your weekdays. Now it's time for me to head out and enjoy my date night!


Jade Alycia

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