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Creating The Perfect Reading Nook 



How many of you have read a book or two during quarantine? Or maybe even flexed your writing muscles in a couple of new blog posts? I sure have! In fact, you're reading one right now. lol I'm going to show you how to get comfy & cozy at home with the addition of the perfect reading nook! If you don't already have one you're in luck, you're about to discover what you've been missing out on. If you already have one I'm going to share with you a few things that will help personalize your space. Either way, get ready to virtually turn the page!

STACK your editorials

Remember your favorite issues of Vogue or maybe you're more of an Architectural Digest reader. Welp, pull them out and blow the dust off of a few of your oldie yet goodies. It's time to put them on display in your reading nook. You can stack them up on a nearby coffee table for a more modern take on recycling or use them as pure decoration to once again fill up your bookshelf. It's always fun to have your old favorites just an arm's length away. 

Make it COMFY & COZY


Like many of you half of the time, I don't want to get out of the bed. So, why not make your reading nook just as desirable to curl up in.  There's nothing worse than being in the middle of an alluring story and you can't get comfortable! Then before you know it you've lost your spot on the page. Don't you loave that? Me too! That's exactly why before I sit down to read I make sure to grab one or two pillows along with a plush throw blanket to avoid any unwanted interruptions during my quiet time.

Find a GOOD read

This last step is probably one of the hardest to complete.  Unlike the others that are quick & easy, this one requires doing some research and ultimately knowing what type of books you like to dive into. I'm hands down known for starting a book, losing interest halfway through and almost always never finish reading it.  This is why I prefer engaging with blogs, short online articles and magazines. The lengths of each can vary greatly, but the content is always sure to be spectacular! For me, it's sorta like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel (aka the end of the piece) which makes it not such and overwhelming daunting task.  I pretty much enjoy the liberty of being able to skip around with truly missing anything major. But hey, I'm up for a few suggestions! Message me on Instagram @theunjadedjournal or reach out to me via email on the Contact tab with some of your prized recommended

reads. I would love to hear from you!

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