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Creating a brand that represents something you are extremely passionate about is one of the most inspiring things you can do. Being an entrepreneur myself I can tell you it isn't always easy, but it's absolutely worth it. Admittedly i've gained much of, if not all of my experience as a business woman through trial and error. However in just under 3 years I was able to successfully launch two of my own businesses in addition to my blog with lots of other things in the works. I'm here to share with you a few of my secrets on just how I did it!

Tip 1: Know what you want to do & why your are doing it

What I found in creating brands is that they must serve a purpose. Your contribution to the world has to be something that others will find value in . establishing the mission of your brand is essential to it's growth and development over time. For me my fashion brand, Jade Alyica Inc. offers sustainable luxury designs to trendsetters world wide. Your mission doesn't have to be anything outlandish, but it does have to be passionate.

Tip 2: Make Your Brand Buzzworthy

This is probably one of the most challenging steps in establishing your brand, however it's also the most exciting! I've realized that no one is going to promote your brand more than you or better than you. In order to create "buzz" surrounding your business in your niche or with your target audience is to start talking about it yourself..... a lot! People will begin to pick up on it and things will spread like wild fire. In addition getting featured online or doing events is another great way to network and get your brand in front of more people, like I was for NYFW.

Tip 3: Create The Atomsphere That Your Ideal Client Will be Attracted To

While you're out there promoting your brand you want to make sure that your website and social pages are a reflection of what you are telling people. I think the worse thing is when someone tells me about their business and they don't have an up to date website or their instagram page doesn't reflect their brand at all. Granted I've personally redesigned my company websites more times than I can count, but I can say they hands down look the best right now then they ever did. I think the best example of how to make your website match your brand would be if you take a look at my instagram page. The theme from website is cohesive with my branding on social media.

Tip 4: Soar To The Top

Besides creating your own "buzz" this is absolutely the next hardest step in building a business. In order to soar to the top you must find your niche and cater to it. Along the way it's best to network and create authentic relationship with other successful businesses in your niche because it will only help you in the long run. You never know what further opportunities you may be offered to collaborate with some of those big name brands.

These tips were most helpful to me when starting my 3 business and this blog so I thought it only be right to share them with you! If you are seeking professional help with creating a logo, website or social platform for your brand please feel free contact my branding & marketing company, JW for all entreprenuerial needs.


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