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5 Ways To Brighten Up Your Small Space



In spite of having a small space I like to make the most of it. Year round, maintaining a bright and cheery workspace helps to keep me focused on my goals. Your office may be small like mine, but that doesn't mean it has to feel that way. I found when I brighten up my space with just a few workspace must haves, it allowed me to appreciate my cozy corner that much more. Get ready to light up your life!

One of the easiest ways I like to brighten up my small space is with a sweet aroma. I'm not just talking about an air freshener or a old fashion wax candle, I'm talk about a piece that truly does light up your space in more than one way. A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is my first option, but in case you rather opt for decor that requires less maintenance I have the perfect solution. I was introduced to wax warmers by my mom and I've been hooked ever since. Here's a photo of the butterfly one that's on my desk. I can't tell you how much i use it! Not only does it provide a little extra light, but it matches my interiors and you can get the wax in an assortment of scents, anything fruity being my personal favorite.

The next best way to brighten up a small space is with chic lighten fixtures. One that I splurged on was this crystal ball

one that sits right on my desk. I could be more mesmorized by its glow when turned and modern glam appearance. I also have a floor

lamp that goes with the theme of my bedroom, having larger crystal balls that mimic my desk lamp above.

Now if you really want to make some more dramatic changes to brighten up your small spaces I got two great makeover tips.

My first tip is to pick a light paint color, this will help open up your space by making it appear larger in size and when the natural light hits it, it will help to lighten up your space even more. My second tip is to go with lighter finishes for your dresses, desk, bed frame, TV stand etc. This not only helped to make my space brighter, but it also much easier to fine all white furniture that matches even if you don't buy it as a set as opposed to darker finishes. I can't wait to see how you use these 5 ways to brighten up your small space!


Jade Alycia

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