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Bridal 2021



Bridal to me is everything a women dreams of on her wedding day. Elegance, glamour and tradition mixed with memory. As a designer

I find myself trying to translate these words and feelings into a covetable accessory, one that can be worn with ease and yet still equally

as captivating. My women’s accessory brand, Jade Alycia Inc. is known for its one-of-one eco couture designs dueling as artwork and a keepsake.  

Every year when the bridal collection comes up I get so excited. People love, love and so I envision putting that same love into each

piece to represent a portion of it. This year I got inspiration for the collection from the previous bridal collection. Building off of the prior color

palette of rose-gold, white and crème by extending it to peach and pale yellow hues. Typically, I gain inspiration for any piece I make from

nature and the season itself. This time I wanted to work on expanding on the idea of the bride.

I took the leap to incorporate new colors in this collection while staying with traditional values. The 2021 capsule consists of

three handheld treasures with four coordinating headpieces in total. Each piece is backed with a word of scripture from the Bible

to re-enforce the word of God and his blessings upon the union of man and women. Our classic white lace veil and crystal-embellished

floral appliquéd micro bag are just the start of your forever fairytale. Remember your special day wearing custom couture.

Each collection is created from 100% recycled, refurbished and repurposed materials. Our mission is to help cut down on

the fashion industry waste by turning trash into treasure. Shop one-of-a-kind handbags, fascinators & more

trendsetting pieces on


Jade Alycia

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