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I am so excited to share with all of you the mini "make over" of my beauty service, The Glamourous Touch, that I launched earlier this year. I've been taking a lot of time lately to truly define who I am as a blogger, fashion designer and above all else an artist. I hope you enjoy the new look as much as I do! Here's a peek at my portfolio.

My Secrets To Kissable Skin

Summer is almost here! And like everyone else I want my skin to be hydrated and ready for the summer sun. If you're like me the hot weather just screams your name as your "glow up" season. There's nothing worse than dry irritated skin during your prime season. So, of course, I want to help you by letting you in on my secrets to the ultimate skin refresh. Ready to glow all summer long!?

A Pretty Pout

Over the past few months, I’ve added some new additions to both my wardrobe and makeup arsenal that I can't stop raving about. You know I'm always shopping for something even when I shouldn't. But what's the sense of loving something that you can't share the joy of with someone else? I’m ready to spill all the tea on what I’m loving right now!

Spending more time indoors and with my family has allowed me to take more time for self care. And honestly,

we should all be taking more time for self care during this slow down. One area in particular that I have had extra time to focus on has been skincare. In fact, I think my skin is more radiant now than ever before lol Here's a few of my favorite face masks that I use to keep my skin glowing while staying at home.

Weekday Date Night Tips

I’m spreading the love this journal entry by sharing my secrets on how to achieve kissable skin.Are you ready for a glowing, gorgeous, irresistible complexion? Open up the notes section on your cellphone because you are going to want to jot down these self-love secrets.


Ahh! Spring is less than a month away and naturally it’s time to swap out your dark daring lipsticks for a lighter natural look. Being a

makeup artist myself I must say spring and summer beauty looks are my favorite to do.

Typically, I like to reserve any sort of date night as an weekend outing, but sometimes my weekends can be more booked than my weekdays. So on the off chance that I decide to go out during the week I have a short amount of time after work to get ready. That being said i'm going to let you in on five quick ways to freshen up for a weekday outing that may make you change your mind about booking up your weekends.


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