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 Part of the new wave of fashion & beauty bloggers, with entries as alluring as haute couture and product restocks, Jade Alycia invites followers into her world of design, art & creation. Since 2016 Jade has shared her favorite trends, wish list items & career highlights with recent expansion into her most memorable travels and home furnishing must haves.

Gaining much of her inspiration for journal entries from her three businesses; Jade Alycia Inc., The Glamourous Touch, & JW Branding.Co, as her social following has grown quickly with supporters who love her sense of style & curation of her personal life. Intentionally toning down the daily demands of her budding career to create inspiring posts on a rotating schedule.

Her writings speak to her luxe laid back lifestyle finding it quite surprising that she even became a blogger, explaining that she never thought in a million years she would become one. Stemming from an overseas trip to Paris, The Unjaded Journal started its first chapter. Get ready to turn the page!


The Unjaded Journal


"Flowers need time to bloom so dream big, but

pray harder."

Hear My Story

I was asked to share my entrepreneurial journey with the world via @jareshamoore radio show Empower Hour. Wow, words can’t even express how amazing this was for me to encourage others to chase after their dreams until they catch them! Press play to hear a clip from the interview to hear about my ups, downs & incredible opportunities to grow and eventually launch my own brands in fashion, beauty & business!



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The Unjaded Journal

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